You can make an appointment confidentially by phoning 709-726-9475.
Some insurance companies require a doctor's referral, so please check with your provider. 
EAP and other third-party referrals are also accepted.

  • Fees paid for the services of a Registered Psychologist are income tax deductible as medical expenses. 
  • Fees for private psychological services are not covered by MCP.  Most extended health care plans, such as Blue Cross and Great West Life, cover all or part of the fee.  Many employers have an Employee Assistance Program which provides financial coverage for psychological services.  Please check with your insurance or EAP for details.
  • Clients are responsible for the portion of the fee not covered by insurance or EAP providers at the time of service.  Receipts suitable to submit to insurers will be provided at the time fees are paid. 
  • Assessment reports will not be released until full payment is received.
  • Missed appointments and those cancelled without 24-hours' notice will be billed to the client.

The first visit is usually a consultation, and is generally 1 and 1/2 hours in length. It does not commit you to working with me. Rather, it is an opportunity to collect background information regarding the presenting problem, and to provide feedback as to how I may best provide service to you or your child.  It is also a chance for us to meet so you can decide if you or your child will be comfortable working with me.
Assessments generally are between 12 to 15 hours in total. There is an initial 1-2 hour interview to gather background information, 6 to 8 hours of assessment with the client, and 4-6 hours to compile and interpret the test results and prepare a written report.  A follow-up session is held to discuss the findings.

Even though your child is struggling with a problem, there may be several reasons your child won't agree to get help.  Some do not think that anyone can help them. Others may be embarrassed or think they are the only one with the problem.  Your child may even think that everyone else has a problem.
With young children the choice regarding therapy is made by the parents.  
Because the cooperation of older children and teens is essential for success, please ask your child to agree to a meeting. so they can meet me.  Assure your child that they will be given the chance to speak privately with me, so they can learn what it’s like to see a psychologist.

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​​​​Beverly McLean, M.Sc. - Registered Psychologist Phone 709-726-9475

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